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Britannia Accessories


It's often the small things that make a big difference in the kitchen: Those little finishing touches that personalise it to your own individual needs and tastes. Which is why we offer a range of accessories designed to help you to enjoy your Britannia appliance even more!

Telescopic Sliding Oven Shelves

Chef Top

The Chef Top is available for all Britannia range cookers. The 120cm Delphi and Fleet models also include an electric stainless steel griddle as standard. This can be used in the same way as the Chef Top.


Telescopic Sliding Oven Shelves

Telescopic Sliding Oven Shelves

The telescopic system is safe and provides a convenient way of serving directly from the grill pan or oven tray, even when fully extended. With three pairs of ultra-smooth telescopic runners and two fixed shelf positions you can create the most flexibility from your oven.



These griddles are perfect for searing meats, cooking eggs, drop scones, Welsh cakes etc. These solid cast iron griddles simply sit on top of a standard pan support. All griddles are available in both ribbed and flat versions.


Plinth Kit

Plinth Kits

These three-sided kits (from 90cm to 150cm) simply slide beneath your cooker to conceal the adjustable feet.


Back Panel

Back Panels

Britannia back panels fit behind your cooker and are a practical, stylish touch to complete your kitchen. Available in stainless steel, complete with a useful ladle rack, or gloss black glass.


Wok Support

Cast Iron Wok Support

Simply placed over the pan support, the wok support can be used with round-bottomed woks and round-bottomed balti pans.


Telescopic Sliding Oven Shelves

Stay Clean Oven Liners

Stay-clean liners help keep your oven like new. Simply heat the oven to maximum temperature for 45 minutes from time to time.They are standard on Delphi and Fleet range cookers.


Cleaning Kit

Cleaning Kit

The Britannia Cleaning Kit has been specially developed to keep your Britannia cooker in pristine condition. The kit comprises "Super Sheen", "Oven Bright", "Cristal Shine", "Total Extra" and "Metal Polish".


Extra High Feet

Extra High Feet

Every Britannia cooker is supplied with four adjustable feet as standard, at a height of 11-16cm. Should you require additional height, we can supply extra high feet, which are a height of 16-25cm.



E-cloth® Kitchen Pack

E-cloth® microfibre cloths provide smear-free cleaning without the use of chemicals. Perfect for stainless steel, glass and coloured surfaces.



Bake-O-Glide™ Chef Top Liner

This liner has been exclusively designed by Bake-O-Glide for the Britannia Chef Top. The non-slip backing and easy to clean surface make cooking a pleasure, and help to keep your Chef Top looking pristine.



Bake-O-Glide™ Oven Tray Liners

Designed to fit the Britannia oven and grill trays, these liners make cleaning effortless. Use for trouble-free cooking of everything from roast potatoes to pizzas and meringues. Also ideal for use with the rotisserie. Available in sets for all range cooker sizes and also as a separate liner for XG grill trays.