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Heatranger 600 Series

Supremely efficient and purpose built to grace today`s busy lifestyle.

The perfect choice for any kitchen - its size belies its efficiency and gives homeowners a range cooker which produces wonderful tasting food, control over your fuel bills and plenty of hot water.

The Heatranger 600 has the largest cast-iron hot plate on the market, two large ovens and a boiler which powers up to 20 radiators, as well as delivering copious amounts of domestic hot water.  It has two independent burners - one for heating and hot water, the other for cooking.  There are 3 models in the range with boiler outputs from 16.6kW to 29.3kW.  To encourage fuel efficiency and energy saving, the Heatranger 600 has an Eco mode for the boiler to ensure it runs at its optimum efficiency of over 85%.

Rayburn 600



Model Rayburn Heatranger 699K
Function Cooking / Domestic Hot Water / Central Heating
Fuel Commercial Kerosene to BS2869, Class C2
Controls Thermostatic / Integral Programmer. Optional external programmer for full Central Heating control
Initial Flue Pipe (Minimum internal diameter) Conventional 127mm (5ins)
Ventilation (Minimum air vent to room) 211cm2
Water Output Suitable for most sizes 100,000Btu/h
29.3kW 20 Radiators
Hot Water System Fully pumped open and sealed systems
Electrical Supply 220/240V - 50Hz 3 amp fused
Lower Oven Section Cast iron cooking oven
Water Cylinder size Suitable for most sizes
Weight 383Kg

Available colours

Colour options for Rayburn Heatranger 208G/LCream
Dark Blue
British Racing Green