AIMS Explained

Available on Gas and 13 AMP Electric AGA's

The AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) is a sophisticated program, which allows you to adjust the output of your AGA to suit your way of life using a remote-control handset. In short, it means that your AGA can sleep when you sleep and only operate at normal power when you need it.

The AIMS program offers you:

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Day/Month/Year selection
  • Two programmable active periods each day
  • Holiday mode
  • Override feature


What can AIMS do for you?

If there is a way to love your AGA heat-storage cooker even more, this is it. Thanks to our authentic upgrade, your AGA cooker can now be programmed.

This is possible thanks to the AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) - a clever device that lets you program your AGA cooker to come on when you need it, leave it sleeping when you don't and even give it a break when you're on holiday.

Used properly AIMS can make your home more energy efficient and be a helpful moneysaver - for example, if used with a gas AGA cooker, AIMS could reduce your energy bills up to 20% and up to 25% with a 13amp electric AGA.

AIMS is designed to fit gas, electric and oil models,* and for complete peace of mind, it comes with a full AGA guarantee. Should you wish to override your settings, it can be done with just the touch of a button.

*Oil models will be converted to 13 amp electric to have AIMS fitted.

How AIMS works

AIMS is a state-of-the-art device that allows you to program your heat-storage AGA cooker to perform exactly as you need it.

It's incredibly simple to use and flexible enough to fit in with today's busy lifestyle. For example, on weekend baking days you can set your AGA cooker to be on normal all day and slumber at night, or to fit in with the normal weekly routine, you can program it to heat just at specific times of the day. Either way, it will always be ready for you to use, whenever you need it.

AIMS comes with a handy pre-set mode, with two active periods each day. The AGA will be up to normal heat ready to cook breakfast in the morning; drop down to low throughout the day and return it to normal ready for you to cook dinner in the evening. During the night, the system automatically goes into slumber mode, its lowest temperature.

When not up to full heat, the AGA cooker is always warm and even on the low setting will cook most food beautifully. And for those times when you are not planning on using your AGA cooker, for example, in the morning, you can override the default settings and choose two completely different cooking times. Don't worry, if you want the AGA at normal you can override the default settings or personalise them to you.

Using the programmed mode, your AIMS controlled AGA will:

  • Cook breakfast in the morning at normal temperature
  • Drop to a low temperature during the day
  • Return to normal temperature to cook dinner
  • Enter slumber mode at the end of the day
  • Allow basic cooking even during low and slumber periods

Should you go on holiday, the system can also program your Aga to:

  • Remain on the lowest energy setting or switch off
  • Automatically restart in time for your arrival home

In addition, the holiday mode allows for full day/month/year selection to allow for longer holidays and any program setting. Any program setting can also be easily overridden by the simple pressing of a button on the Aga itself.

Upgrade NEW Gas & Electric to the AGA Intelligent Management System

This allows purchasers of new cookers to enjoy the benefits of programmability and reduced running costs.

Upgrades are available to fit all gas and 13amp electric AGAs.

Price is £1,395 for a gas Aga and £1,425* for a 13amp Aga (including VAT). Upgrade must be ordered at same time as cooker.

* Price reduced from £1,425 to £1,000 inc. VAT for 2 and 4 oven 13 amp cookers for all orders up to 30th June 2019 (while stocks last).

AIMS is not available on Balanced Flue gas models or water-heating versions