Colourange – Britannia's unique colour-matching service

How about being able to create a range cooker that is entirely unique - a cooker so special that only you own it?

Well that's exactly what Britannia's Colourange allows you to do. It gives you the opportunity to specify exactly what colour you wish your Britannia range cooker to be.

Get your inspiration from anywhere and we'll match it

You're free to take your colour inspiration from absolutely anywhere and it can be as outrageous or as subtle a colour as you like.

So if you wish your cooker to replicate the gleaming red of a beautiful Ferrari or you simply have to have it in the colour of your favourite Stella McCartney dress – Britannia will match it.

And should you have already determined the colour of your kitchen, bought matching accessories and fitted complementary fabrics, it's the perfect way to ensure you enjoy a cooker that enhances your décor. It couldn't be simpler!

All you have to do is send Britannia a sample of your desired colour. It could be a kitchen tile, a sheet of paper, a cosmetics swatch or a piece of fabric.

Britannia will send you a paint finished swatch in your chosen shade. Once you are completely satisfied that the colour is matched to perfection, Britannia will custom-finish your cooker and deliver it to your home.

Colourange is available in a few carefully selected retailers.

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