Cooker Features

Every Britannia cooker represents a highly versatile, state-of-the-art range designed with your cooking pleasure in mind.

We have designed every range cooker with the following special features:

Why wait? Britannia's unique "Quickstart" feature enables the ovens to reach the ideal cooking temperature of 200°C in just six minutes. This is around three times faster than most ordinary ovens, which can really take the heat off you in the kitchen - especially when you're pressed for time.

Britannia multifunctional ovens will provide you with the flexibility to prepare dishes using the best cooking style for your recipe. By selecting different elements within the oven, the heat can be directed to the required cooking area. For further information, please refer to the Oven Functions Page.

Britannia provides a versatile range of gas burners and ceramic cooking zones. The variety of burner or zone sizes provides you with the choice of heat level and size to suit any food preparation style. Please note that all gas burners are convertible to LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas).

A Britannia range cooker quietly gets on with the job. There is no loud whirring of fans or buzzing of electrics to disturb the peace and tranquillity, which is very much appreciated in open plan kitchens.

All Britannia range cookers are fitted with adjustable feet to enable the height of the cooker to be flush with your kitchen work surfaces, giving a sleek look. A Britannia cooker is made to admire and enjoy, but is also easy to clean. Take for instance the oven doors, which are removable for easy cleaning. Also, integral cooling fans keep the control panel and knobs comfortably cool.

Induction Range Cookers

The quickest, safest and most efficient way to enjoy a Britannia

Induction cooking puts precision at your fingertips. Place a pan with a ferrous base on the hob, switch on the zone and a coil underneath the ceramic surface creates a powerful electromagnetic field which induces a current and generates heat almost directly into the pan.

The ability to control the power with precision makes induction perfect for all types of cooking. The cooking surface is cool in operation and only generates heat where the pan sits. As soon as you take the pan off, heat generation stops. Clean, cool, controllable – that’s induction cooking.



Safety comes as standard

  • Child Lock - With the Child Lock activated, all induction hob cooking areas are switched off and cannot be switched on accidentally.
  • Anti-Overheat - The induction zones reduce power automatically if a pan overheats.
  • Residual Heat Indication - If there is residual heat from the pan in the hob surface and the hob is too hot to touch after cooking, the residual heat indicator “H” will appear in the digital display.
  • Safety Switch-Off - The induction hob has pre-programmed maximum operating times which depend on the power level being used. It automatically switches itself off if these times are exceeded.

Time to boil 2 pints (1.13 l) of water


The Induction range

Britannia Induction range cookers suit any style of kitchen, thanks to the wide variety of both contemporary and classic designs. Induction hobs are available on our Sigma, Dynasty and Classic 100cm twin oven and XG models and on our Sigma and Classic 90cm twin oven range cookers.