La Cornue

Combining marvellous tradition and technological innovation, the CornuFé is a result of passion: of culinary art. With its elegance, subtle original touches and exceptional performance, it is the worthy heir of renowned experience which is appreciated world-wide.

CornuFé also presents the latest cooking and design innovations. 

The 4kW central burner, two independent ovens, towel rail and cast iron shelves allows you to use many different features.
More than a simple cooker, CornuFé is a real work of art. From first sight it captivates and arouses admiration. It will warm the ambience of your home.

Wonderfully combines tradition and technological innovation, CornuFé is the result of our passion for the culinary art. With its elegance, subtle notes of originality, and its outstanding performance, it has been recognized and appreciated worldwide.