The AGA R3 (24/7 Radiant Heat Series)

The AGA R3 Series offers iconic AGA design with a cast-iron oven, steel baking/simmering oven, warming oven and separate infrared grill oven. This cooker has intricate detailing and a vitreous enamel coating, providing a gleaming and hard-wearing exterior.

Cast-iron range cookers in the R3 Series are part of the AGA 24/7 radiant heat collection which means that like a traditional AGA model they are designed to remain on and do much more than just cook.

The ambient radiant heat gently warms the kitchen and fabric of your home, reducing also the need to have other electric appliances the kitchen such as your toaster, kettle, slow cooker and tumble drier.

This model runs solely on a 13-amp electricity supply, making this appliance suitable for any home. It requires no servicing, no plinth and no flue. For times of the day. week or year when you wish to reduce warmth or temperature of the ovens this Aga comes with “E” setting or alternatively has the ability to turn on and off the ovens and hotplates individually. The R3 Electric AGA truly ticks all the boxes for usability, flexibility, comfort, value and style.

The Models

Available as a range of sizes there is a R3 for every kitchen, the ‘i models feature traditional AGA hotplates with dual temperature setting and benefit from a state-of-the-art two-zone (3 zone on 110 & 170 models) induction hobcomplete with bridging feature, allowing you to use a griddle plate, fish kettle or other large cookware

All models come with the patented AGA hotplates, a cast iron oven that can be set for roasting or baking in the ‘e’ setting, a steel baking oven that drops to a simmering temperature in ‘e’ setting, a useful warming oven and, new separate infrared grill oven.

Go bigger with the larger sizes (150/160/170) and benefit from an additional AGA simmer plate and tall 90L fan oven giving you the AGA cooker for all occasions.

Alternatively, for those looking for more of traditional AGA there is the option of the 100-4h, a more conventional AGA look with two hot plates – one for boiling and the other for simmering. These hotplates can be left on all the time or alternatively can be turned on or off individually when not required for a period of time.

This innovative new model provides a striking balance between the traditional and new generation that can be the perfect companion to any family.

The State-Of-The-Art Induction Hotplate

This new AGA induction hotplate features a 2 zone (3 zone on 110 & 170 models) hob complete with a bridging feature, so what does that mean for your cooking?

Well this bridging feature allows you to connect two zones to make a larger cooking surface. This has many uses, for example, longer cooking utensils such as an induction suitable griddle plate or fish kettle, that normally would be too big to fit over 1 zone can then be used to further enhance your cooking capabilities.

The Induction hotplate also offers low temperature functions including a defrost/melt function (44 °C), a keep warm function (70 °C) and the option of a third warming level for simmering (94 °C). And if that was not enough, the Induction hotplate also comes with several automatic functions that include: Boil detection with water

Heating up to a frying temperature, Boil dry detection, Permanent pot detection and more…

NEW Infrared Grill

AGA R3 Series models are the first cast-iron AGA cookers to feature an innovative high-speed integrated grill. Fitted in the right hand cavity, the integrated grill heats up in only two minutes and offers three shelf positions for a variety of options. The higher positions offer fast grilling, whilst the lower positions are ideal for slower cooking, resulting in optimal control for masterful grilling. This superb grill heats up in just two minutes and features a cooling fan to cool the cooker when the grill is in use.

The ‘e’ Setting

The R3 has an ‘e’ setting which will reduce running costs and the useful heat into the room will be reduced. The heating up time to full temperature from the ‘e’ setting is approximately 1 hour. The ‘e’ setting will reduce the ROAST oven to a low bake temperature; the lower BAKE oven will reduce to a simmer temperature. The cast iron upper oven is ideal for baking, especially when baking is required over longer periods for example ideal for fruit cakes

Conventional Fan Oven (Larger Models Only)

On the 150/160/170 models a large capacity 90l steel fan assisted oven is added to you cooker configuration. This fan oven reaches temperatures of up to 220 degrees and can be useful alongside the cast iron ovens for so many different situations such as: Quick mid week meals, large dinner parties, preparing for the local bake off, the Sunday afternoon prep for the week ahead and so much more.

A Test Drive of the Aga R3

Learn more about the AGA R3 Series range with this introductory video featuring AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako.

Here you will see how the R3 series works including how to operate this new generation AGA, as well as some some cleaning tips and cookery advice.

A great place to start whether you are interested in a new AGA or if you have just received your new AGA R3.


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