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From baking to toasting and from grilling to stir-fries, owning an AGA is like having 10 appliances in one. All performing perfectly.

So box up the toaster, bread baker, microwave, griller and slow-cooker and enjoy the unique flexibility that is Aga cooking…

Like a traditional baker’s brick oven, the Aga’s kind-to-food all-round radiant heat can help you create feather-light pastries, cakes that are always wonderfully moist and breads that have that authentic hearth-baked flavour.

The intense heat of the Aga hotplate means steaks can be quickly seared on the outside, locking in all the essential juices and maximising the meat’s natural flavours. And because you’re in control of the heat, you can be sure of steaks and chops cooked the way you like them. The Aga fries quickly and controllably, producing food that is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. No sogginess. No lingering oily tastes. Just perfect results every time.

Yes, you can grill on an Aga. Bacon, steaks, tomatoes and chops can all be grilled in the roasting oven, where radiant heat reminiscent of a charcoal grill delivers dishes crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside.

Perfect toast just the way you like it. Using the hugely popular Aga toaster – which leaves toast with a distinctive waffle pattern – you can opt for crisp through and through, lightly browned and fluffy white in the middle or even toasted on one side only. It’s also perfect for toasted sandwiches with a variety of fillings.

The Aga’s simmering oven can help you create richer, more succulent stews. With an all-round gentle heat with no worrying hot spots, you don’t even need to stir regularly. Instead, the Aga will slow-cook for hours – even overnight – leaving you free to look after other dishes that need more pampering.

You can also use the simmering oven to steam anything from a Dover sole to a pan of root vegetables. No lingering smells and no steaming up the kitchen. Just fresh-tasting and healthy food with the minimum of fuss.

With no flame or harsh elements to dry out food, perfect roasts are quick and easy in the Aga roasting oven. The radiant heat ensures food is cooked evenly, with minimum shrinkage, and if you need things done quickly the Aga can cope beautifully – a 28lb turkey can be ready to serve in just 3 1/2 hours.

The simmering oven can slow-cook for hours – even overnight – gently coaxing the best out of casseroles, stews and soups, and leaving you free to attend to other dishes or simply to enjoy entertaining with family or friends.

Intense and focused heat is the key to authentic stir-fries and the Aga hotplate performs brilliantly. Able to heat up oil quickly and predictably – and then keep it hot – the Aga delivers perfect stir-fries in minutes.

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