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Reconditioned AGA Vs New AGA


AGA cookers are designed to last for many years, decades in fact, and they are often handed down from one generation to another. This is one of the reasons why AGA heat storage cookers represent such good value for money, they will literally last a lifetime if they are properly looked after. It is because of this longevity and the superior craftsmanship that goes in to creating each AGA cooker that some people consider buying a used AGA instead of a new one.

However, buying a used, refurbished AGA or reconditioned AGA is full of pitfalls. For example, the product you are buying may already be well over 30 years old and made up of bits from different AGA cookers. Many also started life to run on one fuel type eg. oil but have been converted by someone along the way to work on a completely different fuel. It's rather like buying a 30 year old diesel car that started life as a petrol model.

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An AGA cooker must be perfectly calibrated to work properly and a poorly rebuilt AGA will not run efficiently or deliver the right cooking temperatures. Take our word for it, we get calls every week from disappointed customers who were trying to save a few hundred pounds only to regret not buying a new one and unfortunately there is little we can do to help other than sympathise at that stage.

Second-hand AGA dealers also usually advertise their products at prices which exclude delivery and installation which will add around £500 to the overall cost. With a new AGA the prices we quote includes a home survey, delivery and installation by our own experienced engineers.

Buying a new generation AGA cooker means you get exactly the product you want purpose built just for you. We offer a wide range of products starting at prices which are little more that 15% more than you would typically pay for the equivalent second hand model which could already be 40 years old or more. We think this is a relatively small price to pay for a fully guaranteed brand new AGA which comes with the peace of mind of our 5 year guarantee.

Why take the risk in buying a renovated AGA cooker when a brand new AGA could be yours for just a few hundred pounds more?

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