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Questions to Ask


What is the finish? Is it painted or vitreous enamelled?

All new AGA cookers have a high gloss vitreous enamel finish, which takes up to three days to complete. This is hygienic, durable and easy to clean.

Has the cooker been converted to burn a different fuel?

If converted, does the cooker have automatic thermostatic control?

Have parts been replaced or just cleaned up and painted?

Have genuine AGA parts been used to replace worn parts?

Has the AGA got the appropriate mandatory approval?


Pistachio AGA Oven

Do you know about the AGA cooker's history?

Would you buy a car with no service history? If not, then why buy a refurbished AGA cooker with no knowledge of its history?

Does the dealer service AGA cookers?

What choice of models is there?

Are the engineers DFTEC registered?

Competency is a legal requirement

Does it contain asbestos products?

There may also be hidden charges:

  • Is there a charge for delivery?
  • Do you deliver into the kitchen?
  • Is there a charge for assembly?
  • Is there an extra charge for different colours?

Why take the risk in buying a renovated AGA cooker when a brand new AGA could be yours for just a few hundred pounds more?

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