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Introducing the Everhot Cooker Hood by Westin.

Individually designed for each and every Everhot range and hand built in Britain to perfectly match your existing cooker. Produced by Westin the Everhot Hood is a precision-engineered extractor made from high grade stainless steel, featuring professional dishwasher safe filters and a large, vaulted fume catchment area. Its classic good looks are combined with modern efficiency to result in a stunning, powerful extraction hood that will stay with you and your kitchen for years to come.

Complete your cooker with a hood that has been expertly matched to every single colour and size of Everhot cooker. The custom paint finish is combined with a brushed stainless-steel edge, reflecting Everhot’s characteristic style. The hood’s sleek, polished finish will complement your kitchen design and draw further attention to your Everhot cooker as it takes pride of place in your home.

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