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The range cooker is a unique appliance, combining hob and oven cooking in one to create a powerful visual statement. Choose the style that best reflects the aesthetic vision of your kitchen, and enjoy the theatre of cooking with a gas or induction hob paired with the versatility of a convection oven.


When we cook, we take pride in the food we make and share. It is the same feeling we get when working with the best cooking appliances.

It is the feeling we get from perfectly balanced temperature dials that give the right friction and feedback when they are turned, or the cool feel of stainless steel that communicates quality of craftsmanship.

Fisher & Paykel range cookers are designed not just to be stunning showpieces in any kitchen, but also to deliver a beautiful experience with every use

Choosing your style...


Representing a timeless aesthetic featuring clean lines and complementary tonal contrasts, Contemporary range cookers carry all the signature design features of this hallmark style – the perfect match for the modern kitchen.


Experience the perfect blend of a heritage aesthetic with modern performance in a Classic black range cooker. Create a statement centrepiece for your unique kitchen.


Choice of Gas or Induction Hob

5 Ring Gas Hob

Gas hobs are designed to put the power and control back in the hands of the chef, allowing them to customise heat delivery to suit their own preferences and style of cooking. The range cookers include a dual wok burner and two powerful triple ring burners giving instant and immediate control from the highest to the gentlest heat. The finely tuned hob controls let you sear, stir fry or simmer a delicate sauce to perfection.

5 Zone Induction with Flex Zones

A large 25cm diameter centre induction zone is surrounded by four SmartZone induction zones. SmartZone links two cooking zones and controls them as one, giving you the flexibility to use large pans and griddles and easily handle bigger food items, such as a whole fish. SmartZone streamlines the cooking process and allows you to explore different culinary techniques with ease.

Large Capacity Oven Packed With Features


Every detail has been carefully crafted. The solid, perfectly balanced soft-close door, durable hob and glowing halo dials all add up to an exceptional, premium range.


No matter what you are cooking, you have the right heat to match thanks to nine oven functions plus Rotisserie, including Pastry Bake with Pizza Mode and Rapid Proof for making bread.


Our AeroTechâ„¢ system circulates air evenly throughout the entire oven so dishes on the top shelf turn out just as perfectly as food cooking on the bottom shelf.



The generous 140L total capacity oven gives you plenty of space to cook multiple dishes at once.


Cleaning up spills is effortless. Your cooktop simply needs a quick wipe to keep it looking good as new. The pyrolytic self-clean oven cycle breaks down food residue at a very high temperature, leaving a light ash that’s easily removed with a damp cloth

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