Colour Match Service



Choose from over 200 RAL CLASSIC colours for hundreds of range cooker possibilities

The ILVE bespoke collection of rangecookers can now be matched to hundreds of different colours. Using the universal RAL colour system, Milano and Roma range cookers now have the option to be customised to a unique colour choice.

To find out more about the colour matching service, please contact us to talk you through the options available.

About RAL
Developed in 1927, RAL has since been the uniform language of colour around the world. By standardising colour in to a named and numbered system, RAL has made colour easily understandable and communicable across the globe. The RAL Colour System is the most popular colour standards in use today and is used throughout the design, architecture and construction industries.
RAL stands for outstanding precision and reliability
RAL is the global market leader for industrial colour standards
RAL sets a new benchmark in sophisticated colouring, environmental friendliness and easy manufacturing
For a comprehensive list of RAL Classic colours available, please visit the Official RAL Website