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Heatranger Series & 680KCD


All Your Heating Needs in One Cast Iron Appliance

With a Rayburn central heating range cooker you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are minimising effort and energy – all your cooking, heating and hot water needs in one neat package. That means you can enjoy a cosy, warm kitchen, hot water for all the family and heating for the rest of the home from one appliance.

Rayburn boilers are stringently tested to give proven performance and efficiency. They are designed to operate from a variety of fuels, each with highly developed combustion chambers and proven burner technologies. Whether its oil or HVO* Rayburn has a model to suit your heating and hot water needs, with a variety of boiler outputs from 17.5KW to 29KW and a constant supply of hot water

Once installed, your Rayburn will virtually look after itself. The ovens are self-cleaning, the flue removes any unwanted oven condensation and cooking smells. And with a regular service, your Rayburn will perform day in, day out with maximum efficiency. That’s why it’s not simply a purchase, it’s a solid investment for years to come


A reliable heating system is essential in order to provide comfort and hot water all year round. That’s why Rayburn boilers and burners are engineered to ensure the highest reliability and quality. Rayburn offers a range of highly efficient standard or condensing boilers. Such high efficiency means that you will consume less oil, helping to reduce your heating bills over time. Their intelligent Eco-mode setting also encourages fuel efficiency and energy savings, with two fully automatic burners allowing hot water and heating to be controlled independently of cooking.


HVO* fuel is 100% renewable and is invaluable in helping the UK achieve its net zero carbon target, reducing up to 85% of net CO2 emissions. The Heatranger has HVO compatible burners making the appliance eco-friendly, carbon-free and future-ready. All Rayburn models can also be linked into additional heating appliances, supplied with renewable energy from sources such as solar power, wind power, heat pumps and wood burning stoves.


Just like your existing boiler,  Rayburn oil central heating cookers are fully programmable, so they can be turned on and off to suit your lifestyle, whatever your heating and cooking requirements. They are compatible with the latest home heating and hot water systems, underfloor heating, thermostats and timers to help you to stay in control. The sophisticated eco-connect system monitors both the oven and boiler to ensure constant temperatures and an advanced control unit will alert you of any issues. The flexibility to decide when you need your Rayburn on or off, in turn, means lower fuel bills.

*95% Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil



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