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The Rayburn Cooker – a cooking only model – is as versatile as you are in the kitchen, offering a choice of fuel, size and design options to match your needs perfectly.

Whether your kitchen is creatively casual or fully fitted down to the last detail, there’s a Rayburn Cooker to suit you.

From high-heat cooking, which brings out the very best in vegetables, for example, to gentle roasting and brilliant baking, the Rayburn is master of all culinary styles. Its strength is its versatility.

It is an authentic cast iron range cooker benefiting from what is called indirect heat technology. We call this ‘kind to food’ heat because rather than allowing food to dry out, it seals in the flavours and natural juices, creating healthier, more delicious dishes.

Here’s how the cooking-only Rayburn Cooker works:

1. The Hotplate 
A solid one-piece cast iron construction, with heat graduated along its length. Just like a professional chef’s hotplate, pans are simply slid from simmer to boiling, or any temperature in between, eradicating the need to be constantly handling controls and glancing under pans. Hotplate heat can be adjusted, and larger models will accommodate up to eight saucepans. A useful integral pan stand is an additional feature of powerflue Rayburns.

2. Heat Source/Burner Unit 
Different models have different types of burners, from the traditional continuous burning Rayburn to advanced high power units which allow on/off operation for efficiency and convenience.

3. Insulated Lids 
The characteristic insulated lids are a stylish feature of the true range. When in the closed position they retain Hotplate heat, leaving the highly polished finish warm to the touch.

4. Main Oven 
Another authentic range feature is the Rayburn’s cast iron main oven. All models include this large oven, which is ideal for all types of cooking, baking roasting and slow cooking. Being made from cast iron and using indirect heat, the oven can cook in the gentle way that is unique to a real range. A thermodial in the main oven door shows a guide to the centre oven temperature.

5. Lower Oven 
Models featuring a cast iron lower oven operate at half the main oven temperature; sheet metal versions maintain heat at one third of the main oven settings.

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