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Why Rayburn food tastes so good

The unique taste of Rayburn cooking

From high-heat cooking – which quickly brings out the best in vegetables – to gentle roasting, brilliant baking and long slow cooking the Rayburn is Food cooked with a Rayburnmaster of all culinary skills.

The hotplate, with its stylish insulated lids, is delightfully simple to use, with a large surface area that offers gentle simmering at one end and rapid boiling at the other. The large capacity main oven is controllable and vented and allows cooking at different temperatures simultaneously.

And all this is complemented by a lower oven for warming or cooking, depending on the model chosen.

So, whether you’re cooking up a simple dish or the most complex of modern recipes, you can rely on your Rayburn to perform beautifully.




Kind-to-food heat makes the difference

The Rayburn is an authentic range cooker benefiting from indirect heat technology. We call this ‘kind-to-food’ radiant heat because rather than allowing food to dry out, it seals in the flavours and natural juices, creating healthier, more delicious dishes.

The Rayburn’s large cast iron ovens are easily controlled for superb baking, slow-cooking and mouth-watering roasts. Heat zones allow you to cook at different temperatures simultaneously. A meat tin, grill rack, oven shelves and a plain shelf are supplied. Plus, the ovens clean themselves and are odour eliminating.



The New Rayburn Cookbook


Using the ovens and hotplate in combination means you can choose the required level of heat needed for every kind of cooking. The hotplate’s large surface area provides different temperatures across its length, allowing simmering at one end and rapid boiling at the other. It can also be used for toasting bread or making delicious drop scones. Two stylish polished insulating lids cover the hotplate to retain heat and maintain temperature.

The lower oven is two-thirds the size of the main oven and suitable for warming or cooking, depending on the model chosen. Models with a cast-iron lower oven, where the temperature is half that of the main oven, are perfect for slow cooking or steaming. Certain Rayburn models have a sheet-metal lower oven, which provides an area handy for warming or for resting a joint before carving.

Use the top of the main oven for easy grilling and the ultimate great British breakfast. Even when grilling fat splashes are carbonised and odours vented to the outside. And because the ovens are vented into the flue, the flavours from one dish will not taint another when cooked in the same oven.

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