Rangemaster Toledo Hood 90/100/110cm

Rangemaster Toledo Hood
Colours available

Product Summary

  • Available in 3 sizes - 90, 100, 110cm
  • Stainless Steel and glass with illuminated ice blue fascia
  • Charcoal and Aluminium filters included
  • Available as re-circulating and extraction


Cooker Details
Control Speed 3
Trim Chrome and Glass
Unpacked Dimensions
Chimney 740-955
Depth 520
Height 1043
Width 898/998/1098
Air Capacity
Speed I 260
Speed II 370
Speed III 550
Air Capacity - free air delivery
Speed I Free Air 300
speed II Free Air 420
speed III Free Air 660
Input (W)
speed I Input 55
speed II Input 90
speed III Input 205
Noise Level (dBa)
speed I NoiseLevel 50
speed II NoiseLevel 59
speed III NoiseLevel 68
Speed Controls 3
Pressure PA
Speed I Pressure 220
Speed II Pressure 260
Speed III Pressure 320

Height: 1043mm
Width: 1098mm
Depth: 520mm


Your hood can be delivered at the same time as your cooker

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