KitchenAid Vacuum Machine KVXXX 44601


Vacuum Machine KVXXX 44600
Colours available

Product Summary

The vacuum machine features an intuitive LED control panel that simplifies vacuum packing. Just press “Bag Cycle” to create a vacuum in the special KitchenAid pouches, or “Container Cycle” when using containers. Professional results at your fingertips. By ensuring a high vacuum (the residual pressure in the pouch is just 5 mbar compared to the 350-500 mbar typically achieved by standard consumer vacuum sealers), this machine creates the ideal conditions to ensure the longer-lasting freshness demanded by a real professional chef. This is one of three products that make up the exclusive KitchenAid sous-vide cooking system: Chef Touch.

  • Vacuum cycle for pouches and containers

  • 17 litre capacity

  • Full touch control panel

  • Glass lid

  • Sets of pouches for sous-vide cooking and sous-vide storage. 150x200, 200x200, 250x350 mm.

  • Sous-vide containers 0.7L and 1.4L

  • Available for the Chef Touch system

Main Features

  • From 0 to 5 mbar residual pressure
  • Vacuum cycle for pouches
  • Vacuum cycle for containers
  • Glass lid

Technical Details

  • Depth of the product - 548
  • Depth of the packed product - 800
  • Height of the product - 435
  • Height of the packed product - 660
  • Gross weight (kg) - 58
  • Net weight (kg) - 46
  • Width of the product - 525
  • Width of the packed product - 660


Standard 2 years parts and labour.
You can increase your standard warranty to an extra 3 years (5 years in total) if you purchase any 3 Major Domestic Appliances at one time.

Height: 435mm
Width: 525mm
Depth: 548mm
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