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Esse Ironheart SF Cook

ESSE Ironheart Cook Stove


The Ironheart may look as if it’s been around for ever, but in fact it’s a recent arrival – created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE. It’s a stove and a range cooker in one, combining the best of our two main product ranges. Cooking and heating have never come together more beautifully.

Unlike our standard range cookers, which are designed to contain heat, the Ironheart has convection panels that radiate warmth like a wood-burning stove.

The large firebox can burn either wood or smokeless coal. And whatever fuel you choose, you’ll enjoy watching the flames leap and flicker through the large clear glass window.

The oven has an almost 50 litre capacity, and you can also cook directly in the firebox. With the “dog bone” hotplate comfortably able to take up to six pans.

If solid fuel is not a choice for you then the good news is, it’s available in gas for instant control, and maximum convenience – with flames so realistic you could easily forget it’s not a true wood-burning fire.

In every respect, except the fuel it burns, this ESSE Gas Ironheart offers exactly the same as its multi-fuel counterpart: a flickering stove that will become the warm heart of your kitchen, combined with serious cooking capability.

- Multifuel wood/smokeless coal OR Gas (natural/propane)
- 47 Litre Oven
- Hotplate up to 6 pans
- Heat output to room up to:
        - 9.7kw (Solid Fuel)
        - 6.7kw (Gas)
- Optional wood only conversion
- Optional hostess shelf

Specification (Solid Fuel)

Energy Rated
-Up to 6 pans
Flue pipe diameter
-6" (150mm)
Suitable for continuous burning?
Pre-heated secondary airwash?

Width        320mm
Height       340mm
Depth        440mm

- 47.8 Litres

Operating range (depending on fuel type and settings)
-Up to 9.7kW
Log Burning firebox grate?
Max efficiency % EN 12850 (wood with log burning grate)
CO emmisions correct to 13% O2
Additional room vents required
-2.25" dia

Specification (Gas)

-Up to 6 pans
Pre-heated secondary airwash?
Operating Range
-Up to 6.7kW/h
-47.8 Litres

Width        320mm
Height       340mm
Depth        440mm

Non-combustible materials from side and back
Combustible material from side and back
From bolster lid
Additional room vents required?


2 Year Warranty.
ESSE products purchased through Walter Dix & Co will automatically be covered by a 2 year warranty.

5 Year Warranty.
If you then register your warranty with ESSE within 1 month of installation, Esse will extend your warranty from 2 years to 5 years.


Height: 900mm Width: 905mm Depth: 600mm Weight: 300kg


Lead time between ordering and installation is currently approx. 4 working weeks. 
However delivery times may vary and are dependent on which product/colour you have purchased. 
Contact Walter Dix & Co. now for more information and current estimated lead times.

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