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Product Summary

ESSE Hybrid: cosiness and convenience rolled into onebeautiful range cooker

The best of both worlds: the convenience and control ofelectric power with the cosy glow of a real fire.

When your head wants the ease and convenience of electricpower, but your heart still yearns for a real fire, ESSE has the answer.

Meet the new 990 Hybrid. An elegant range cooker withcontemporary convenience and control as standard and a real fire at its heart.

In its element as the focal point of an open-plan studiodiner or at the heart of a traditional country kitchen, the 990 Hybrid is adual-fuel range cooker that offers the choice and versatility of cooking withsolid fuel or electricity.

Opening the beautiful firebox door on the left reveals awindow through which you can gaze upon a real fire that generates enough warmthto heat a room up to 40m2.
Behind the lower door is a second oven which derives its heat from the fireboxfor the rustic wood-fired roasting and baking performance that professionalchefs and enthusiastic amateur cooks associate with ESSE.

The firebox also powers the large circular hotplate above,which can reach temperatures of up to 400°C and accommodate up to three pans;simply move to the outer edge of the hotplate to reduce the temperature from arolling boil to a steady simmer.

The right hand side of the ESSE Hybrid is an all-electricaffair, comprising two cooking ovens, a full-width grill and a generoushotplate. This delivers fingertip control and flexibility with the style andelegance of an ESSE.

Both the generous ovens feature our patented 2.6kWwraparound elements, which guarantee even temperatures and faster heat-up timesand a 2.6kW ‘wall-to-wall’ grill in the top oven.
Whichever oven you use, the Hybrid performs like a solid fuel stove thanks toits robust construction and ESSE’s patented surround heat engineering – whichensures the heat radiates evenly throughout the cooker.

The external control panel can be wall-mounted or can standon a worktop. The ESSE Hybrid electric range cooker requires 1 x 13 Amp plugsocket and a six-inch flue.

ESSE products have been manufactured in Britain since 1854and ESSE has been at the forefront of technological development in the field ofcooking and heating for more than 160 years.

ESSE stoves are some of the cleanest burning and most energyefficient appliances available and are exported around the world.

Available in a choice of 20 colours, the ESSE 990 Hybrid issupplied with five-year guarantee from warranty registration when purchasedthrough an ESSE specialist retailer.

Every ESSE heating or cooking appliance is entirelyhand-built by a skilled workforce in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, UK.

Available in 20 Colours

*Special colours are subject to an additional charge

**Matt Black available as an alternative non-enamel painted finish  



Heat output       Radiant5kW

Energy Rated - A+

Hotplate - Variable heat zone (target) 300°c - 190°c

(Approx working temperatures after 30 mins fromlighting/refuelling)

Bottom Oven Capacity - 30ltr

Bottom Oven Dimensions - Width 350mm, Height 200mm, Depth450mm

Internal glass fire door - With primary & secondary aircontrol

Firebox Accommodates - 360mmlogs

Hourly burn rate for max output (wood with less than 20%moisture) - 1.5kg

Flue - 6 inch


Electricity supply - 1 x 13Amp 220-240V

Cast Iron Hotplate - 330mm, Suitable for direct to hobcooking, will accommodate 3 pans

Domed Lid - Creates a ‘steam & sizzle’ cookingenvironment

Top Oven Capacity - 42ltr

Top Oven Dimensions - Width 350mm, Height 300mm, Depth 450mm

Full width grill - Integrated

Bottom Oven Capacity - 30ltr

Bottom Oven Dimensions - Width 350mm, Height 200mm, Depth450mm

External Control Panel Cable - 1.5m

External Control Panel Dimensions - Width 350mm, Height110mm, Depth 65mm

Power usage - 0.32kW in standby/slumber mode at roomtemperature

Accommodates Oven Dish - 442mm x 340mm


Top oven from 155°C to 240°C - 20 mins

Bottom oven from 70°C to 175°C - 17 mins

Cast iron plate from 150°C to 400°C - 38 mins


2 Year Warranty.
ESSE products purchased through Walter Dix & Co will automatically be covered by a 2 year warranty.

5 Year Warranty.
If you then register your warranty with ESSE within 1 month of installation, Esse will extend your warranty from 2 years to 5 years.

Height: 900mm
Width: 990mm
Depth: 600mm
Weight: 405kg


Lead time between ordering and installation is currently approx. 4 working weeks. 
However delivery times may vary and are dependent on which product/colour you have purchased. 
Contact Walter Dix & Co. now for more information and current estimated lead times.

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