Aga 6:4 Series Cooker Hood


6:4 Series Cooker Hood
Colours available

Product Summary

Distinctive and attractive, the Six-Four cooker hood is the ultimate complement to the Six-Four cooker. The three speed fan seamlessly combines both efficiency and styling.


Canopy width. --- 898mm
Canopy height. ---(tapers to front) 240mm
Canopy depth. --- 490mm
Chimney height (telescopic) ---550-950mm
Chimney width. --- 300mm
Chimney depth. --- 260mm
Ducting outletspigot. --- 150mm diam.
Weight. --- 21.70 kg
Voltage. --- 230V AC
Powerconsumption (max) --- 420W
Performance at max speed. --- 1000cu m/hr, 278ltrs/sec
Noise level at max speed. --- 70dBA

Height: 790mm Max: 1190mmmm
Width: 898mm
Depth: 490mm
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