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100 years of british heritage, a true iconic brand

There are so many reasons why hundreds of thousands of devotees love our AGA cast iron radiant heat storage cookers and couldn’t imagine life without them.

There is no other household appliance that generates the same kind of emotion or loyalty as the AGA cast iron range cooker – and certainly none that lasts as long – and there are very good reasons for this. Since the very first AGA Cast Iron Cooker was installed 100 years ago, the cooker has taken root in the hearts and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

All new AGA Cookers are now powered by Electricity to create more environmentally friendly, efficient and lower running costs. Combined with the ability to turn off parts of the cooker when not required creates a very versatile cooker whilst not compromising on fantastic cooking quality from radiant ovens.

AGA has remained at the forefront of engineering excellence and this is apparent in the stylish range of AGA products – AGA heat storage cookers, conventional AGA cookers, AGA Refrigeration, AGA Extraction and AGA stoves. Huge investment in the Brand over the last few years has seen new additions to the AGA electric Models providing enhanced features such as induction hobs, programmability and flexibility over operation and heat up times. There is now an AGA Cooker which suits every lifestyle and provides the best in cooking results.

The New Generation Of AGA Products

AGA Range Cookers | Walter Dix & Co

“constantly seeking innovation and developing products to complement a variety of lifestyles while maintaining it’s proud heritage and iconic looks”

A New Generation For An Iconic Classic

AGA are constantly seeking innovation and developing products to complement a variety of lifestyles while maintaining it’s proud heritage and iconic looks. This can be found in their new 3 series and 7 series range models.

Both the 3 and 7 series offer models that can suit any lifestyle offering either a traditional 24/7 style of radiant heat similar to the traditional AGA cooker, or a more ‘everyday’ range of cookers that include a range of flexibility and added control to suit a more busy lifestyle.

AGA now offer a full range of products to complement their ranges, these include high power extraction systems that come in the full range of AGA colours, a new range of innovative refrigeration systems that are the perfect preservation companion for your cooker and a full range of AGA stoves that are now available in both gas and electric work incredibly well with the AGA to keep your home warm and cosy.



If you love the original – on all the time – AGA,  then the new 13-amp AGA R3 Series is the perfect cooker for you.  The AGA runs from low energy 2 x 13 amp hard wired supplies however it has low running costs when left fully up to temperature with both the ovens on and the hotplates.  There is also ECO setting to lower the running costs further.   This  AGA however is versatile and flexible, as if preferred and depending on the time of year, each oven and hotplate can be operated independently and the appliance also boasts a high-speed infrared grill and the option of an induction hob, This model seamlessly marries the very latest technology with tradition, to offer everything a cook needs. If you have a draughty kitchen, work from home or simply enjoy the cosy AGA warmth in your kitchen, then this is the cooker for you.

Available in 90,100,110,150, 160 and 170cm width models.

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