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Any cook knows that a good cooker deserves great cookware, at Walter Dix & Co we stock and supply a range of cookware items designed and tested to give you the best experience not only with AGA cookers but any range cooker.

Why not feast your eyes on the incredible AGA Cookshop range, hosting a vast collection of must-have kitchen essentials and highly desirable accessories, all made to the exacting standards you’d expect. From cast aluminium and stainless steel casseroles and saucepans not only designed to stack in the kitchen cupboard but also in the ovens of your AGA, through to a wide range of bakeware, exclusive textile accessories and durable cooking utensils specifically designed to assist you to get the very best cooking results from your cooker.

Expanding our collection we also have a full range of alternative products available in both textiles and accessories, all designed for use with AGA and other similar range cookers, offering greater choice for personal tastes and kitchen designs. Our full range can be viewed on our online shop and within current cookware brochures here:

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