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Behind the classic good looks you’ll find a modern, energy efficient heat storage range which is absolutely perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. It’s so versatile and welcoming you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.  At the forefront of the concept of Everhot range cookers is efficiency and environment.  Everhot has been the forerunner of a product to not only provide all the benefits of cooking with a heat storage and radiant heat oven but whilst doing so ensure that there is reduced consumption of fuel at times when a home does not require it.  With each Everhot having Eco mode and Timer Delay, these benefits provide pure versatility of this plug-in cooker, to enable each home and user the ability to bespoke their requirement and not just rely on pre-set factory settings and temperatures.

The Everhot is two things at once – an exceptional range cooker and a gentle background source of heat in the kitchen.

Why choose electricity?

From the day Everhot started over 35 years ago the conservation of energy has been a guiding principle, and it remains just as essential today. Electricity is the perfect choice since it has enabled them to develop exceptionally efficient ranges that can be powered by both the national grid or by small scale solar, wind or hydro installations. Everhot’s unique ‘trickle feed’ design allows the models to run from either one or two 13 amp plugs, minimising electrical load and easing installation. The Everhot is two things at once – an exceptional range cooker and a gentle background source of heat in the kitchen.

Cooking & background warmth

The Everhot is designed to remain switched on, and up to temperature 24 hours a day, providing controllable cooking capacity and background warmth to suit the time of year. Even the hardiest souls fi nd themselves being drawn towards its gentle warmth. Despite its additional control, it remains at heart a traditional range, radiating gentle heat through the kitchen, with ovens that bake, roast and cook to perfection. The full width grill in the top oven is another great feature you won’t find in many other comparable ranges.

Lower your consumption with ECO control

Designed to give lower running costs and a cooler kitchen in summer, the ECO control provides a type of ‘sleep’ facility which allows the range to be dropped to a predetermined lower temperature. The ECO function can be entered manually through a button on the control box or can be controlled automatically via a simple timer function. Everhot estimate the savings through regular overnight use to be around 15% of overall running costs. In addition, whilst in ECO mode, the cooker has a maximum load requirement of 2kW, which will particularly appeal to you if you use sustainable energy systems – such as wind, water, photovoltaic etc.

Reasons to choose an Everhot?

The cooks’ choice

If you’re looking for a refined yet versatile appliance to match and complement your cooking skills, then the Everhot will appeal. Quite simply these superbly crafted ranges have been designed with great cooking in mind.

To suit your lifestyle

With six widths available, a choice of several models, and a range of great colours we’re confident you will find the right Everhot for you, your kitchen and your lifestyle.

Easy to install

Perhaps ease of installation is crucial? Well, the Everhot is probably the easiest of heat storage ranges to install. All that’s required is a standard 13 amp socket. There is no need for external vents or a concrete base and Everhot send their own expert installation team will install and commission the cooker for you. But that’s not all, this ease of installation means if you move home you’ll be pleased to know it can easily be taken with you.

Year round comfort and control

Like any traditional heat storage range, the Everhot will gently warm your kitchen. Through the colder months the Everhot will normally be left at cooking temperature 24 hours a day. However, unlike most other ranges, you can easily adjust the temperature and cooking capacity to suit you and the time of year – saving money and creating a more comfortable environment all year round.

Engineering perfection

Like you, Everhot really care about craftsmanship. Each beautifully engineered Everhot is designed and made in rural Gloucestershire by skilled craftsmen using the best of traditional and modern techniques. In short an Everhot is built to last a lifetime.

Zero servicing costs

Everhot’s smart design means that, with a little care and affection, your Everhot will perform trouble free year after year.

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