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From New York’s Bloomberg Tower to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, from Hesperia Tower in Barcelona to the Pan Peninsula in London and to countless city houses and country estates on six continents, Sub-Zero and Wolf embody luxury. To these two family-owned brands, “luxury” is more than fine materials and striking design, more than a classic aesthetic that never goes out of style. To us, luxury enriches life in the home by making essential moments — the food and drink you share, the relationships enjoyed at the table — the very best they can be.

Sub-Zero have no distractions, and make no compromises. The materials in their products are premium grade; the technologies, state of the art; the craftsmanship, of the calibre one would expect in the world’s finest homes. When it comes to building superior products for your household, they take nothing for granted. Products are subjected to lab testing under extreme environmental conditions to ensure a life of 20 years or longer. Every component of every product is tested before assembly, then each finished product is tested for reliability before shipping.

The function came first — a system for keeping food fresher longer. Its key was dual refrigeration, the separate, sealed systems that create optimum conditions for refrigerator and freezer. When Sub-Zero introduced built-in refrigeration in 1954, that function led to a form that became one of the most imitated home-product designs ever: the classic Sub-Zero look with its bold, louvered grille over the dual compressors. Through the years, Sub-Zero expanded its design leadership with builtin wine preservation and with integrated refrigeration that merges seamlessly into the décor.

No Other Refrigerator Rewards You in So Many Ways

In fact, Sub-Zero is more than just a refrigerator; it is a suite of food-preservation technologies that guard’s food’s goodness longer. Sub-Zero products are, themselves, built and tested for exceptionally long life – 20 years or more. And Sub-Zero preserves something else – your originality – offering the most sizes of any brand and infinite ways to customise. No wonder you’ll find Sub-Zero as a centrepiece of the kitchen in so many of the world’s finest homes.

A Secret of Fresh Appetizing Food

Dual refrigeration – separate cooling systems for refrigerator and freezer. Sub-Zero pioneered, and continues to advance, this simple idea that makes such a big difference in the freshness and flavour of your foods. Ever tasted fishy or oniony ice cubes? That can’t happen with Sub-Zero. The refrigerator and freezer don’t share air. Fresh food stays fresh in cool, moist air; on the freezer side, frigid, dry air prevents freezer burn. That’s crucial to fresher food – optimal humidity and proper temperature.

Not Just A Refrigerator – A Food Preservation System

The average household throws out more than 227 kg of food annually. Sub-Zero reduces waste, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh 20 percent longer, according to our owners. And talk about healthy eating – only Sub-Zero has antimicrobial air purification. Based on NASA technology, this filter scrubs the air of mould, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene gas that hastens spoilage. Even water gets special attention: advanced filtration that removes contaminants while preserving water’s fresh, natural flavour.

A Kitchen Anchored in Impeccable Design

Sub-Zero pioneered built-in refrigeration more than six decades ago. Then they revolutionized refrigeration again with integrated “anywhere” models that merge seamlessly into any room’s décor. Sub-Zero believe in designing for generations, not the latest fads. That’s why Sub-Zero products are developed in consultation with leading members of the design community. The result: limitless ways to fit your tastes and home design.

Products That Last and Last and Last

A remarkable 20-plus years. That’s how long you can expect to enjoy your new Sub-Zero. That’s 56 percent longer than the typical refrigerator. Meticulous engineering and premium grade materials start your Sub-Zero on the path to a long life; then, rigorous testing in our own American facilities makes sure it lives up to its promise. Sub-Zero refuses to think short-term. Clearly.

Sub-Zero Saves Energy

Feel how firmly the door of a Sub-Zero closes. It has a magnetic seal around all four sides. That seal and the extra heavy-duty insulation that fills the walls of the refrigerator hold in cold air and hold down energy use. Mechanical systems such as the compressors are built for efficiency as well. Even the largest Sub Zero product uses less electricity than a 75-watt bulb.

Tested and Re-Tested

Sub-Zero are picky, obsessive, driven…and proud of it. Every major component of every unit is reliability-tested before being approved for assembly, and every completed product is factory-tested for up to 24 hours. In our labs, Highly Accelerated Life Testing puts test components through electric jolts, 350° temperature swings, and violent vibrations, proving their products for at least 20 years of heavy use.

The Faces Of Sub-Zero

Create a room where refrigeration stands out or, if you prefer, blends in. Choose classic refrigeration, the traditional Sub-Zero look. Or go bold with the mighty PRO 48. Or designer units that disappear into their surroundings. Create a full suite of capabilities with wine preservation and drawer refrigeration. Stainless steel, glass doors, custom cabinetry — let the imagination run free as you plan your kitchen. Or bedroom. Or library…

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