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An Everhot electric Range Cooker seamlessly combines 21st century technology with all the traditional features you’d expect from a heat storage cooker. The controllability, grill and the option to have a built-in induction hob ensure that an Everhot will be the only cooker you need in your kitchen. A cozy, gently warming and reliable centrepiece that has proven itself as not only looking fantastic but providing the best cooking results too.

The birthplace of Everhot Cookers was at Coaley Mill 40 years ago, a 13th century water powered mill near Dursley in the old wool heartland of the South Cotswold valleys.  An appliance which was born from renewable energy production and which continues to work in homes of Britain hand in hand with renewables and which is manufactured in Everhot’s carbon zero factory.

Everhot Electric Range Cookers | Walter Dix & Co

In the mid 1970s inventor and engineer, Ossie Goring, was concerned by how much energy his heat storage cooker was using and, living at a water mill, he decided to set about creating an environmentally-friendly heat storage electric range cooker which could run off the water turbine he had installed. A few years and many prototypes later, Ossie had perfected a ‘trickle-feed’ design, which allowed his new cooker to be powered by the small intermittent flow of electricity provided by the mill’s turbine. To this day, an Everhot’s peak electricity demand is a fraction of that needed by other range cookers. Ossie’s breakthrough not only enabled the first Everhot to run off his water turbine, but also a standard 13amp plug. For the last 25 years Ossie’s son, Guy Goring – also an engineer – has continued to ensure that Everhot cookers set the pace in terms of innovation, efficiency, design and functionality and he has built the business into a real British engineering success story.

Working on and expanding the product range Everhot have produced an Electric Room heating Stove and also the Everhot Grill.  A market innovator to provide high quality and reliable appliances for the home.

Whilst the first cooker ever produced is still in daily use, the evolution continues and the philosophy remains unchanged. . Everhot also remain firmly committed to preserving our environment – through the use of renewable energy sources and also through careful selection of UK based suppliers and products. Sustainability remains deeply embedded in their DNA and Everhot never stop trying to find ways to improve the Everhot without ever compromising on quality.

An Everhot is the most energy efficient range cooker on the market, handmade in our carbon negative factory in the Cotswolds. Everhot electric range cookers are available in seven sizes to fit any kitchen design, and 21 stunning colours to perfectly complement your interior style. From bold, striking brights to charming, heritage tones.

Customise your Everhot by size, colour and finish to add the perfect focal point to your kitchen. At Everhot, we combine British craftsmanship with energy-efficient engineering based on decades of heritage and innovation.  These range cookers provide year-round, controllable warmth and comfort, and the perfect conditions in which to cook effortlessly using our radiant heat ovens .

Behind the classic good looks you’ll find a modern, energy efficient heat storage range which is absolutely perfect for great cooking whilst gently warming your kitchen. Versatile and welcoming, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

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