AGA 7 Series Range Cookers

This new AGA 7 series cooker will enable you to have a fully flexible and controllable AGA cooker, with low running costs and no requirement for regular servicing. The AGA 7 series offers improved premium aesthetics that AGA, as a luxury brand, is renowned for without drastically changing the appearance from the traditional AGA design. A modern utilisation on the traditional AGA, the 7 series offers flexible temperature settings and even a low power ‘slumber’ setting that can drastically reduce running costs when compared to its Traditional 13 amp counterpart.

The AGA 7 Series offers the iconic good looks you’d expect from AGA with enhanced controllability.

AGA 7 Series 100
AGA 7 Series 150

The Models


Available in both 100 and 150 sizes.

The 7 series offers everyday control and boasts a host of useful features, including a controllable patented hotplate, improved heat-up times and adjustable temperature settings including the low power ‘slumber’ setting.

The ovens offer higher temperatures and better performance than many other range cookers available on the market.

The eR7 even comes with a programmable timer available allowing for even more control and flexibility.

Both sizes come with the patented AGA hotplate that can be switched on independently or together, adjustable temperature settings for the ovens and the option to add an external venting kit* to remove all oven smells to an exterior wall.

Upgrade to the 150 sizes and benefit from two additional ovens including a slow cooking oven and warming cupboard, again independently controlled from the rest of the cooker so you only turn these ovens on when they are required helping to keep running costs down

Plus, on the larger 150 sizes you can choose between a warming plate or a state-of-the-art single-zone induction hob* – ideal for those times you require added control on the hob.

“The AGA eR7 is designed to achieve flexibility when cooking a range of dishes, through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long, slow cooking in the simmering oven.”

The new electric AGA eR7 provides enhanced cooking control and superb flexibility, whilst still offering that iconic AGA appearance. Designed and made in Britain, this electric range cooker can be switched on and off as required, with three cast-iron ovens that can be independently controlled. The AGA eR7 is designed to achieve flexibility when cooking a range of dishes, through the four settings in the baking oven and the five settings in the roasting oven, as well as the long, slow cooking in the simmering oven. The ovens are controlled by a capacitance touch-screen with LED indicators and a character display to indicate which zone is activated and which setting is selected. A handset can also be used to programme the ovens.

Roasting Oven

The roasting oven has five pre-set cooking settings, R9, R8, R7, R6 and B4, which provide the flexibility to vary the oven temperature from very hot to moderate. The oven therefore can operate as a second baking oven.

Baking Oven

The baking oven has four pre-set cooking settings, which are B4, B3, B2 and B1. These vary the temperature of the oven from moderate to cool. Cooking sweet and savoury simultaneously is not a problem in the ovens as the flavours do not mix. This oven may also be used as a second simmering oven.


The top of the control panel controls the hotplates and can be used to operate either the boiling plate, the simmering plate or both. In each of the hotplates there is a powerful heating element. The boiling plate will be ready to use in around 12 minutes from cold. The simmering plate will be ready to use in around 10 minutes.

Optional Integrated Module (Additional Cost)

Expand the versatility of your AGA cooker with the AGA Integrated Module, a two oven add on to your AGA cooker that operates independently from the main AGA so comes in handy for small bites and quick meals when the main AGA ovens are turned off, or as the added cooking facility during those larger gatherings/events.

The two ovens comprise of a slow cooker with separate grill in the top oven and a fan oven in the bottom. The fan oven offers specific temperature control which is perfect for those more delicate/temperature sensitive dishes, while the adjustable slow cooker has a multitude of uses, from warming plates and keeping food warm or using the dual circuit grill for browning off dishes or conventional grilling. This is then topped with a 4 ring gas or 4 zone ceramic hob depending on your preference. This additional cooking area allows you to deal with up to 10 pans at once across the hobs and hotplates, perfect for the chaos at Christmas.

The integrated module can be fits neatly to the left hand side of both the 100 and 150 7 series range cookers. Available in the full colour range available from AGA these can also be retrofitted at a later date, but due to differences in colour shades it is recommended to order the same time as the AGA cooker.

This little module certainly packs a punch, full of features and perfect for those serious chefs, quick cooks and big or small families alike. An all round complete cooking machine when paired with the AGA 7 series that will make you then envy of all your family and friends.




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