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ESSE Cookers


The classic ESSE cooker, each model with its own character, but all sharing the same timeless elegance and impeccable engineering.  Made in the heart of Lancashire, this cooker will impress the moment you see it.  

With range sizes from 905mm up to 1495mm, All models are Electric and require only a small 13amp supply for operation.  All of the ovens are made of high grade steel with a synonymous black iron finish to the surface and wrap around element which provide fast heat up times to each oven from cold.  Each cooker incorporates enamelled cast iron front and like all heat storage cookers provides background warmth to your kitchen on those days when you need it.  A full width separate grill allows grilling without the oven on and the EL models come with two round chrome lids one which incorporates a solid hotplate and the other a single induction zone.  The ELX model incorporates thin profile square lids which cover a 3 zone induction hob and a solid square hotplate surface.  You can be sure that whatever your requirements ESSE will have a cast iron cooker for you.


Made By Hand...

...Made In Britain

ESSE began back in 1854 with a simple mission: to create the cleanest-burning, highest quality stoves and range cookers. ESSEs have been relied upon in some of the world's most demanding environments - from the kitchens of the Savoy, to Scottish bothys and royal residences, and they're still built here in the UK.

Beautifully hand-crafted cast iron ESSE cookers are the British-built models of choice at River Cottage and Humble by Nature, as well as having been chosen by Shackleton, Scott, Florence Nightingale and more.

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