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Lacanche Features

Main Features

Stainless Steel Hob

  • Advanced one piece design with easy clean rounded edges.
  • Generous spillage retention.
  • No corners or gaps to trap dirt.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Pan Supports

  • Safe design provides maximum pan stability in any position and a non slip finish, securely located on durable non scratch feet.
  • Easily removed for cleaning.


  • Varied size burners for any cooking requirement. 2 piece design for easy cleaning and reassembly.
  • Solid brass burner caps.
  • Advanced gas burner design for maximum performance.

Flame failure Safety System

  • All gas burners incorporate a flame failure safety system as standard.

Electric Ignition

  • Electric push button ignition as standard to all gas burners


  • All gas models and accessories are suitable for use with LPG, both the ovens and hob, which must be specified at time of order.


  • The oven flue vents are removable for cleaning and are located at the rear of the hob. They should be positioned to direct flue gasses away from the hob. Please note that it is advisable to have a wipe clean surface on the wall behind the vents.


Choice of hob

Classic Hob

  • Models with open gas burners.

Traditional Hob

  • Solid cast iron surface suitable for several pans at the same time. Professional design allows complete control while cooking. Different heat zones - hotter in the middle, cooler at the edges. Even heat across base of pan. With burner on low, very gentle cooking conditions can be created. Removable centre for direct flame access. Flush with pan supports so pots and pans can be moved without lifting them.

Induction Hob

  • Most models are available with electric Induction hobs

Hob Top Grilling

  • Optional cast iron ridged griddle plate is positioned over a pair of burners for healthy eating and professional branded look. More power (up to 8kw), more capacity, convenient to use, easy to clean, with better tasting results.

Traditional Grilling

  • A powerful grill is provided as standard in both sizes of static electric oven and convection oven. Closed door grilling for safety

Control knobs

  • Ergonomic easy to use design in various finishes.

Towel rail

  • Stainless steel rail with various trim. Not with the Modern option.

Extra Gas Hobs

Electric CharGrill


Electric Griddle (Plancha, Teppanyaki)

Extra Induction Hobs

Gas CharGrill

Deep Fat Fryer

Hob Integrated Elements (Available on cookers over 1m wide)

  • 1 Burner @ 5Kw
  • 2 Burners @ 3Kw
  • 2 Burners @ 4Kw

Induction technology offers the advantage of fast heating up times with very precise temperature control. Ideal for simmering, bain marie work, bringing off a delicate sauce or custard.

Outstanding performance with variable power, adjustable heavy duty cooking surface and lava rock for outdoor flavour.

This is a highly effective indoor bbq, but controllable. Use it for all the usual items, but do not be shy of charring off a whole leg of lamb or large cut of beef, or griddling vegetables or fish fillets just like in the restaurants.

Because the fryer is of professional design, it is capable of delivering the delicious crisp, golden results of properly deep fried food that we tend to enjoy on the Continent, rather than the ubiquitous saturated, sludgy offerings still typical in so much of the UK. Forget the battered mars bar and think goujons of sole, apple fritters, crisped calamari rings and zucchini flowers - you get the idea. The key is large capacity and high temperature.

The multi cooker allows you accurate temperature control and therefore a huge variation of styles: you might use the boiling function for cooking pasta, or shellfish – the control and volume of the multi-cooker allows for accurate timing and optimum results (as opposed to over boiled and spoiled food); the steaming function gives you clean, colourful vegetables, fish etc still rich in nutrition and goodness. You might also steam several different things at the same time in different trays; the bain marie function can be used for holding cooked food and sauces ready for serving, or for cooking gently (melting chocolate for example).

The potential is limitless – we have steamed lobsters, boiled shellfish, simmered puddings, as well as the usual delicious al dente steamed vegetables and succulent fish.

The plancha is designed for cooking food directly on its surface. You can use for anything from fried eggs and griddled breakfasts to drop scones, to fillets of fish and whole joints of meat. Do not be afraid of using the high temperatures for searing meat or vegetables. This is a very healthy way of cooking, requiring less fat and grease.

A flat stainless steel cooking surface for fast and precise cooking, especially when cooking vegetables, fish, meat, breakfasts etc.

Solid cast iron cooking surface for saucepans etc.

Choice of Ovens

100% genuine professional ovens offer outstanding power and performance. Because Lacanche cookers are genuinely duel fuel, you can have a combination of gas and electric ovens in your cooker. Most people’s choice includes two convection (fan) ovens with grills  or may plump for at least one gas oven and one electric oven. Remember, a gas oven can be incredibly useful for cooking when there is a power cut.

Cooking with Lacanche ovens does represent something of a gear change after a normal domestic oven. The key thing to remember is that these are powerful and professional ovens which have been adapted for the domestic market to enable professional cooking in the home.  One of the advantages of the Lacanche ranges is that the ovens will recover their temperature quickly after the door has been opened – remember in the commercial kitchen oven doors are opened continuously, and a Lacanche oven is based on a commercial oven. So don’t be shy of it, but engage with your food and dishes and the cooking process, and be prepared to adapt. You will soon get the hang of it and will enjoy the benefits of these versatile ovens.  Every Lacanche oven cavity is coated with at least 3 layers of enamel for easy cleaning.  

All Ovens on our 1 metre width Macon and Cluny product have drop down doors.  Some models Vougeot/Volany (1000mm wide)  have the opportunity for side opening doors with vertical/tall ovens  Different height positions for oven racks and roasting trays permit adjustable heights for cooking.  In the convection (fan) oven combination remember that there is circulated heat at the same heat right around the cavity so one can choose anywhere in the cavity to place their food and gain the same cooking results.  This feature makes the convection oven the most popular oven choice.   Our 1105mm models up to 2205mm Vezelay enable the consumer to choose from alternatives for the side ovens and one can choose to opt for simmer oven/cupboard depending on what hob configuration they may choose. 

The Standard Lacanche oven is large enough to roast a very large turkey.  In the 1105mm size range and above models the 70 litre oven fits standard catering gastronom 1/1 size dishes.  

100% genuine professional ovens offer outstanding power and performance.

Choose your ideal combination from:

This is a thermostatically controlled oven with natural heat zones (hotter at top) and independently controlled grill (for closed door grilling). The wide temperature range (50ºC - 260ºC) makes this a versatile general purpose oven, with a large powerful grill (for closed door grilling). Be sure to allow warm up time (c. 20 mins) for best results.

The Convection Oven with Grill offers faster cooking, minimal transfer of smell & taste, and again with an independently controlled grill. As before the wide temperature range (50ºC - 260ºC) makes this a very versatile general purpose oven, fast heating with even temperature, and a large, powerful grill (for closed door grilling). Heat-up times are quicker than for a static oven. You may find that the power of the convection oven is greater than that you are used to, so be prepared to shave maybe 10⁰C or so off indicated cooking temperatures. If the food is catching at the back it is because of its proximity to the convector, so simply turn the dish during cooking.The rapid heating means the oven recovers its temperature quickly between door openings, and also makes it a good oven for batch cooking and using multi layers in the oven.Thermostatically controlled natural heat zones with independently controlled grill.Faster cooking.

Some models of Lacanche offer the option of a dual function electric oven . This oven converts from a traditional static electric oven with grill to a convection electric oven with grill by means of a simple switch. It offers the advantages of both in a single oven, and is consequently a versatile and popular choice.

The Lacanche Gas Oven is very powerful, with a temperature range of 100ºC -260ºC. It is a good general purpose oven, but remember the lowest temperature is 100ºC and so cooking at temperatures below that is not possible.These gas ovens are ideal for high temperature cooking – brilliant for roasting, soufflés, pizzas etc, and for sealing joints/meat/poultry with a very hot blast (the “20 minute sizzle”) at the beginning of cooking. You may then to move the dish over to another oven for further cooking. You should be able to use the oven for roasting and baking (for example roast potatoes in the gas oven should be easy). Remember to check the food, and turn as required. The electric ovens are recommended for lower temperature cooking and for cooking more slowly e.g. casseroles, stews, puddings etc.

If you have both a gas oven and one of the electric ovens on your cooker, then you have the best of both worlds.

The Gas Ovens are heated by a powerful base element, so there is strong base heat. It is very important to allow the gas oven to get up to temperature before trying to cook. It will do this very quickly (c. 10 minutes). Putting food into a cold oven may result in overcooked or burnt food as the oven will be working flat out to come up to temperature, possibly causing food to catch on the base.

The gas ovens do not have an LED temperature indicator, but they are fast to heat up and c. 10 minutes should do it.

Its huge cupboard like capacity offers plenty of room for plate warming, holding food, proving dough, slow cooking stews, meringues, fruit etc; slow roasting joints (e.g. shoulder of lamb, pork belly); and drying out ingredients (mushrooms, tomatoes etc). This is a very versatile oven which makes light of entertaining and large and long meals, taking the pressure off the cook. Once you’ve used one you will not be without one. Many customers coming off latent heat cookers with simmer ovens adore this option.

All of the Lacanche electric ovens have an LED next to the control. While the oven is heating up the LED is illuminated. When the oven has reached the selected temperature, the LED will extinguish.

  • Antiacidic smooth contour enamel interior for easy cleaning
  • Removable oven base plate (not convection oven)

  • Drop down doors (except on simmer oven)
  • Doors and door seals are removable for easy cleaning


Lacanche Range Cookers are equipped with storage drawers. The drawers are for storage and are not constructed or designed for cooking. They are useful for storing accessories, roasting dishes etc. They may be removed for cleaning if required by extending, tilting the front up and then lifting out. When an oven above them is in use, the drawers may get warm or hot. Enamel interior on smooth runners. Ideal for warming plates, proving bread or light storage.

Stainless steel interior provides large capacity storage. Heats when upgraded to simmer oven.

3 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

Conditions of Guarantee

This product is guaranteed for 36 months from the date of delivery. On completion and return of the product registration form, Fourneaux de France Ltd will repair any defects that arise (subject to the provisions listed below) due to faulty materials, or workmanship, free of charge during this period.

The guarantee is subject to the following provisions:

The guarantee does not cover:accidental damage, misuse, neglect, incorrect installation, enamelled inner or outer panels, pan-stands, oven cavity parts, brass burners, burner bodies, door seals, brass, and chrome trims.

The product must be correctly installed, commissioned, and be operated in accordance with the instructions in the users manual. It must be used solely for domestic purposes and within the boundaries of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. The guarantee will be rendered invalid if the product is resold or has been damaged by inexpert repair. Repairs due to the appliance being incorrectly commissioned will not be covered by this warranty. Fourneaux de France Ltd disclaim any liability for accidental or consequential damages. The guarantee is in addition to and does not diminish your statutory legal rights.
Installation and Commissioning

Installation and commissioning should be in accordance with the manufacturers Installers Manual and current GasSafe and IEE regulations.
In order that installation and commissioning is carried out correctly you should use a suitably qualified and registered GasSafe fitter. Your local Lacanche stockist can advise. The appropriate installation guidance for your cooker will be sent with the order acknowledgement.

Building-in Guidance

Lacanche range cookers are designed to sit proud of adjacent units. Units and infill strips adjacent to the cooker should not sit flush or proud of the cooker doors (including oven, simmer oven and cupboard doors), but should sit flush with the main boy of the cooker.

The stainless steel hob of the appliance should not b e lower than adjoining worktops. These worktops can butt up to the hob.

For cookers situated in confined spaces (e.g. inglenooks), with gas ovens, or with tiles rather than a backsplash on the back wall behind and above the cooker, we recommend installing a backstrip – see backstrips in Accessories.

Wall units that are placed to the left and right of the cooker must be at a minimum distance of 450mm above the hob tops on both sides. Al cookers over 1 metre wide are designed to be mounted against a wall and are not intended as free standing island cookers.

Any combustible materials must be a minimum of 850mm from the top of the cooker. Please note that it is advisable to have a wipe clean surface on the wall above the cooker, such as our stainless steel backsplashes.

All Lacanche cookers are built with a plinth incorporated into the base of the cooker. The plinth allows for greater manoeuvrability when putting the cooker in its final position and also allows for the cooker to be levelled. The height is adjustable (900mm to 910mm). A tool for making adjustments is supplied. The plinths have a brushed stainless steel kick pate on the front. The cookers also have adjustable front feet.

The above information is not exhaustive and we recommend that you check the relevant Installer’s Manual.

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