KitchenAid 130cm Built-In European Side by Side Fridge-Freezer KCBPX 18120 2


European side by side built-in
Colours available

Product Summary

Experience the convenience and capacity of the KitchenAid European side-by-side fridge-freezer that offers the space and technology to store all your fresh and frozen food in a single sleek appliance.

At KitchenAid, we are just as serious about performance as you are about food so every feature and function is engineered to preserve your food in the optimum environment.
Separate fridge and freezer settings offer total, flexible control, and the Pro Fresh sensor ensures the ideal temperature and humidity levels to keep produce fresher for longer.
The Fresh 0° drawer creates the best possible conditions for meats, fish and dairy products, and keeps fruit and vegetables as fresh as the day they were picked, while the shock freezer can be activated on demand and freeze up to 2 kg of food in just four hours.
As an A++rated appliance, its energy efficiency is matched only by its efficient space management. Maximising the 615 litre capacity is easy with versatile interiors, glass shelving and LED lighting that lets you see everything at a glance, while balcony shelves and multiple drawers ensure a place for everything, and everything in its place, and transparent freezer compartments have easy-to-use dividers so that contents can be found and organised quickly and easily.
As an expert home chef you have high expectations. Our job at KitchenAid is to surpass those expectations with unsurpassed quality. Designed with extreme attention to detail, the fridge-freezer is made with only the finest materials and and exceptional level of craftsmanship. The dimensions have been perfected to fit flawlessly into the space and cabinetry of a European kitchen, while premium interiors, such as the new haute cuisine tray and cheese box crafted with top-quality oak, epitomise our commitment to artisan quality. Available as an elegant freestanding design or a smart integrated model, both versions share the same unique KitchenAid style and irresistible beauty of stainless steel.
We have naturally included the iconic design features you know and love, such as the distinctive KitchenAid knurled handle, red medallion, embossed badge and Easy-to-Clean stainless steel.


These new accessories embody KitchenAid’slove of design, practical features and versatility. Crafted from seasoned oakand fine plexiglas, the haute cuisine shelf and cheese box can be used togetheror separately. The cheese box fits above or below the seasoned oak shelf forstoring dairy produce, cold cuts, fruit, vegetables, and desserts, and doublesas a chopping board for slicing cheeses and salami. The haute cuisine shelf isperfect for storing bottles and food in the fridge, and can also be used as awooden platter for serving a selection of cheeses or other deliciousdelicacies.


Pro Fresh technology constantly monitors thetemperature and humidity levels inside your refrigerator. When the door is leftopen, after a blackout or if you pack the fridge with the weekly shop, it senseschanges in temperature and humidity, and quickly circulates chilled air torestore the correct temperature and optimal humidity level. By always ensuringthe ideal temperature and humidity levels throughout the refrigerator, you canrest assured your food is always stored in the optimum conditions.
The KitchenAid shock freezer delivers on our promise of professionalperformance. Until recently shock freezers were only available in professionalrestaurant kitchens. It cools or freezes raw or cooked food in minutes,preserving its original aroma, taste and nutritional value with its twoprofessional functions: Blast Chilling and Fast Freezing. The Blast Chillingfunction reduces the temperature of oven-hot cooked food to +3°C, ensuring the highquality of the food and optimum storage. Fast Freezing quickly lowers thefood’s core temperature to -18°C which captures the food’s natural texture andflavour, even after defrosting
Even the new and improvedbalcony shelves in the fridge door are designed with exquisite attention todetail. The bottle shelf offers a sturdy storage solution for even tallcontainers, while the other shelves enable you to immediately find all yoursmall but essential ingredients. The balcony shelf wire is zinc coated toelegantly match the stainless steel, while the iconic KitchenAid medallion addsa distinctive touch of colour and style.

Height: 2027mm
Width: 1320mm
Depth: 605mm


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