Ellesmere EC5 Wide


ec5 w
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Product Summary

The latest editions to the AGA Stoves family are dynamic, exciting newcomers. Blending contemporary and traditional design, the new range of Ellesmere stoves offer clean lines and solid performance. Outstanding flame pictures and one simple to use control for both the primary and secondary air make them a pleasure to operate.

With three different models, you can find the perfect stove for your home. The Ellesmere range are designed to burn either wood or solid fuel and are all DEFRA Smoke Exempt, so fully approved for use in smoke controlled areas. 

The Ellesmere EC4 is one of the first of our product range to carry the 2022 Eco Compliant Logo. 

Build quality that lasts
Like all AGA products, our range of stoves is manufactured to an exceptionally high standard. That's why they carry the CE mark - as they fulfil all necessary European health, safety and environmental protection legislation - and are HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approvals Scheme) listed. For further peace of mind, every AGA stove comes with a five-year parts and one-year labour warranty.

Stove or open fire?
An open fire will warm the room, but it has many drawbacks that a stove doesn't. For example, the majority of heat produced by an open fire - up to 85% - will escape through the chimney. Using a stove, heat remains in the room due to the warm air that's continuously circulating around it.

A stove is also much more efficient at circulating heat through large rooms and the warmth can even rise up stairwells to landings. This means you won't have to rely as much on other heating systems within your home, which could in turn reduce your energy bills


Unpacked Dimensions
Height 628mm
Width 576mm
Depth 375mm
Flue Requirement-Class 1
Nominal Heat Output
MSF - Space 5kW
Wood - Space 5kW
Wood 77.6%
MSF 79.5%
Smoke exempt-Yes
Solid Fuel 
Free Standing
Room Heater

Height: 605mm
Width: 563mm
Depth: 325mm
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