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AGA eR3 160i



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The new electric AGA eR3 160i offers everyday radiant heat for sumptuous cooking and that gentle AGA warmth when you need it. Designed in Britain, this cooker features cast-iron ovens for radiant heat cooking and is supported by a best-in-class conventional fan oven, which provides ease for quick cooking.


The hotplate operates using a powerful heating element and can be set to either the boiling or simmering setting. Around the outside of the actual hotplate is a further usable cooking area. This area can be used to simmer on when the hotplate is set to boil, and as a warming plate when the hotplate is in simmering setting. When set to boiling setting the hotplate reaches temperature in around 15 minutes from cold, while the simmering setting reaches temperature in around 12 minute

Hotplate settings:

  • Off
  • Simmer
  • Boil

Boiling function – The boiling plate is the hotter of the two settings. From cold, the boiling plate takes approximately 15 minutes to reach its operating temperature.

Simmering function- The simmering plate is the cooler of the two settings. From a cold start, the simmering plate will achieve its operating temperature in about 12 minutes.

NEW Low Power Simmering Plate

A brand new addition to the AGA 3 Series range is a hotplate specially designed to offer low-power simmering and provide enhanced versatility when cooking.


This new AGA induction hotplate features a two-zone large pan area suitable for two pans, or an induction suitable with a griddle plate, fish kettle or other large cookware.

Low temperature function:

  • One level for defrosting or melting (44 °C)
  • Level for warming up and keeping warm (70 °C)
  • Option: third warming level for simmering (94 °C)

Automatic functions:

  • Boil detection with water
  • Heating up to a frying temperature
  • Time functions
  • Keep simmering or re-boil powerfully
  • Boil dry detection
  • Permanent pot detection
  • Bridge/booster function


To provide additional flexibility to suit your way of life, the AGA 3 Series 160cm includes a best-in-class conventional fan oven. Easy to use and with 90 litres capacity, this oven is ideal for quick and easy mid-week cooking. Complete with two baking trays, four grid shelves and a plate rack, this oven will suit all of your cooking needs.


This cooker has two cast iron ovens located on the left hand side and controlled by rotary control, as well an additional option of a programmer/timer device for the top oven.  Using the control knob on the far left of the top plate, the top oven can be set to roasting, baking or the off setting. The roasting and baking settings can be achieved from cold in around one hour. The lower simmering oven can also be up to full temperature in around one hour. The baking setting will provide a ‘warm to touch’ feel.

Oven types

  • Warming oven – The warming oven is heated by an element and is turned on using a separate switch on the top right of the appliance.
  • Roasting setting- Roasts and grills beautifully and is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lbs) turkey. Radiant heat means food keeps its natural succulence and flavour.
  • Baking setting- Heated to an ideal moderate baking temperature – ideal for cakes, biscuits and bread.
  • Simmering oven – Simmers perfectly by constantly maintaining the oven at just the right temperature for long, slow cooking. This develops flavours and will make even the toughest cut of meat melt-in-the-mouth tender.
  • Cookware Storage – This cavity is a handy storage space to keep all of your AGA baking tray and pans.
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  • Electric 32-amp plus 2 x 13-amp

Accessories Included

  • 6 x grid shelves (4 in Fan oven)
  • 2 x floor grid
  • 2 x plate racks
  • 1 x shelf (warming oven)
  • 1 x cold plain shelf
  • 1 x AGA Toaster
  • 1 X full size roasting tin & rack
  • 1 x half size roasting tin & rack
  • 2 x baking trays
  • 1 x warming oven shelf
  • 1 x wire brush
  • 1 x resting plate lifting tool
  • 1 x AGA Cookbook


5 Years Parts & 1 Years Labour


Height: 928mm Width: 1600mm Depth: 634mm Weight: 455kg

Delivery and install charges apply please check box before purchasing appliance,

Delivery and installation of this model in the North East is carried out by our own Walter Dix & Co. installation team, outside our area it will be carried out by the AGA installations team.

A home survey questionnaire will be given to you to complete and advice given on any preparation work needed.

Lead time between ordering and installation is currently approx. 6 working weeks.

Please contact us for further details.

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