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AGA R3 90-3i


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If you love the original – on all the time – AGA, but want added functionality and to save money on running costs, then the new 13-amp AGA R3 Series is the perfect cooker for you. Each oven and hotplate operates independently and, with a high-speed infrared grill and an induction hob, this model seamlessly marries the very latest technology with tradition to offer everything a cook needs. If you have a draughty kitchen, work from home or simply enjoy the cosy AGA warmth in your kitchen, then this is the cooker for you.

At just 90cm wide, this model packs in a cast-iron roasting oven, an enamelled baking/simmering oven as well as a helpful tall warming oven, which features an innovative infrared grill. The AGA R3 Series 90 also features an iconic AGA hotplate, which can be set to boiling or simmering, and a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob. This cooker requires just a 13-amp supply and is simple and easy to install, with no need for a plinth or flue and no regular servicing required. Ask any AGA owner and they will tell you that AGA food tastes better, as the cooker locks in all the flavour, moisture and goodness.

The ‘e’ setting

The R3 has an ‘e’ setting which will reduce running costs and the useful heat into the room will be reduced. The heating up time to full temperature from the ‘e’ setting is approximately 1 hour. The ‘e’ setting will reduce the ROAST oven to a low bake temperature; the lower BAKE oven will reduce to a simmer temperature. The cast iron upper oven is ideal for baking, especially when baking is required over longer periods for example ideal for fruit cakes.

Great attention has been paid to even the smallest of details, such as the stylish and branded handrail, ensuring this is a cooker that is built for life. The cooker is also portable, requires no flue or plinth and requires only low electrical voltage.

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Height: 913mm Width: 900mm Depth: 634mm Weight: 310kg


  • Electric 13-amp: 2x 13-amp supplies required

Hob configuration 

As with the AGA 60, this model features an AGA hotplate which can be set to simmering or boiling and has resting areas surrounding it.

In addition, there is a two zone induction hob for added practicality.

Induction hotplate

This new AGA induction hotplate features a 2- zone large pan area suitable for two pans, or an induction suitable griddle or fish kettle.

Low temperature function: 

  • One level for defrosting or melting (44 °C)
  • Level for warming up and keeping warm (70 °C)
  • Option: third warming level for simmering (94 °C)
  • Automatic functions:
  • Boil detection with water
  • Heating up to a frying temperature
  • Time functions
  • Keep simmering or re boil powerfully
  • Boil dry detection
  • Permanent pot detection
  • Bridge/booster function

The ovens

A wide selection of ovens that offer a multitude of uses that can tackle any dish.

  • Top left: Cast iron oven set to roasting or when in the ‘e’ setting will drop to a baking temperature
  • Bottom left: Steel Baking oven or when in the ‘e’ setting will drop to a simmer temperature
  • Right Oven cavity: Infrared Grill & Steel warming oven

Accessories Included

  • 1 x grid shelves for the cast iron oven
  • 1 x floor grid
  • 1 x cold plain shelf
  • 1 x AGA Toaster
  • 1 X full size roasting tin & rack
  • 1 x half size roasting tin & rack
  • 3 x oven shelves
  • 1 x wire brush
  • 1 x AGA Cookbook


5 years parts and 1 year labour

Delivery and installation of this model is carried out by our own Walter Dix & Co. installation team after a free home survey by our Installation Manager.

Lead time between ordering and installation is currently approx. 6 working weeks.

Please contact us to arrange for your free home survey.

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