Everhot brings Mushroom as its new colour for 2024

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Everhot brings Mushroom as its new colour for 2024

Elegant and classic, Mushroom pairs with other neutrals like whites and creams, balances well with deep hues like charcoal and burgundy, and complements wood and brass hardware and accessories. This organic earthy tone has been chosen by Everhot for its links with the environment and its association with cooking.

Everhot Managing Director, Guy Goring, says: “Mushroom is a warm colour for the kitchen inspired by our commitment to nature. Each year, the wilding sites which surround our Cotswolds showroom are full of fungi, and we know our owners delight in cooking with mushrooms. Its classic elegance and versatility with kitchen design means that Mushroom will prove to be an incredibly popular colour for new Everhot owners.”

Guy Goring continues, “In the past, we have chosen bright and bold for our annual colour. Last year’s Lavender and the Flamingo Pink of 2022 were prime examples of this. This year we wanted a refined colour which will be timeless in the kitchen, just as our cookers prove to be.”

With red-brown and yellow-grey hues, Mushroom is an organic earthy tone that changes slightly throughout the day depending on the natural seasonal sunlight. A soft neutral, Mushroom works with multiple kitchen styles including country farmhouses, minimalist townhouses, and rural retreats.

Mushroom will be available on all seven Everhot Range Cooker models, as well as the Everhot Electric Heater and the Everhot Electric Stove from today.

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