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Upgrade to AGA Range Cooker

The AGA range cooker is a British institution, renowned for its cast-iron construction and radiant heat cooking. For generations, it has been the heart of the home, providing warmth, comfort, and delicious food.

While retaining their classic looks and revered cooking performance, AGAs have evolved significantly over the decades. The latest generation of AGA range cookers offers enhanced flexibility, control, and eco-friendly features – making now an ideal time to upgrade your kitchen centerpiece.

So, is it time to upgrade to a modern range cooker? The answer is a resounding yes. Here are just a few reasons why:

A New Generation for a British Classic

AGA’s masterful engineering combines the beloved radiant heat cooking experience with modern technology for today’s lifestyles. The new AGA Range Cookers allow you to take advantage of conventional roles for quickly boiling water or making toast, along with their signature gentle oven radiant heat. This flexibility provides the best of both worlds.

You can fire up just one or two ovens instead of the entire cooker to save energy. Integrated programmable controls make it easy to schedule when each oven turns on, accommodating your routine. And fast self-cleaning modes help keep your AGA sparkling with minimal effort.

Sleek, Contemporary Designs

While faithful to their iconic cast-iron origins, AGA’s latest models feature sleek exterior styling to seamlessly complement contemporary kitchen aesthetics. From modern colour options like Olive, Pewter and Slate to clean-lined doors and brushed metal trim, an upgraded AGA becomes a true design centrepiece.

Unrivalled Cooking Performance

At their core, AGAs remain unmatched for delicious results across all cooking techniques. The gentle radiant heat ensures meats remain tender and moist while achieving perfect browning. Baked goods rise evenly with a superior natural crust. And the roasting oven’s steady all-around heat provides unbeatable high-temperature air-drying for crisp vegetables. An upgraded AGA promises to elevate your culinary mastery.

Programmable Features

Selected models of the modern AGA range cooker feature programmable timer functions either built into the cooker or as an optional extra. With this you can program your ovens to turn on automatically on selected days and times so it’s ready to cook the moment you are – bringing modern convenience and economy to the timeless AGA experience.

Trade-In Offer

With appealing trade-in offers from Walter Dix & Co., upgrading your classic AGA to a newer model has never been more affordable. Sell us your current cast-iron range cooker and receive a generous credit towards the purchase of a new model equipped with AGA’s latest innovations. What’s more, a professional installation by our certified technicians ensures your new range cooker works optimally from day one.

Contact the Range Cooker Experts

Enhance your kitchen with the iconic design and unbeatable cooking performance that only an AGA can deliver – redefined for today’s demanding expectations around flexibility, control and environmental-consciousness.

If you are considering upgrading your AGA range cooker, Walter Dix & Co. is the perfect place to start. We offer a wide range of modern cookers from top brands, and we can help you find the perfect one for your needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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